Said to have more energy and sound than two people should be allowed, Scott and Michelle Dalziel are high energy, thought provoking and an emotionally engaging duo. Both Scott and Michelle are no strangers to their instruments. Each play guitar with strength and confidence. Michelle keeps the pulse by adding djembe and hand percussion, while both their voices exchange leads and harmony, blending and weaving with complexity. You can hear the conviction in their voices, honestly delivering their lyrics with soul and compassion. As a result, their time on stage paints a dynamic memory. It's hard not to smile at their chemistry and playful nature, as sometimes their banter becomes whimsical without reserve. In fact it's hard not to feel anything during a Dalziel concert.

Since 1997, Scott and Michelle have toured the country performing in Festivals, Concert Halls, Listening Rooms, House Concerts, Radio Performances, and more. They find comfort in their americana / pop genre though they are not your typical songwriter / performers. They blend all styles into the craft of their songs because their inspiration and diversity comes from such great artists as The Beatles, Crowded House, Bonnie Raitt, Jonatha Brooke, Shawn Colvin, Todd Rundren, Stevie Wonder, and more. This probably explains their unanticipated chord changes, unexpected lyrics, and the inability to fully place them in one genre.
Their songwriting validation comes from the many competitions they were winners and finalists of.
Winners, Vic Heyman songwriting award, South Florida Folk Festival 2013
FInalists Susquehanna Folk Festival 2009
Finalists Kerrville Folk Festival 2004 and 2007