This is the page for updates, so let me update you on what's going on.  Recently, we decided to take some time off of performing. We are re-evaluating what it is we were put on this earth to do. We love the term " performing singer / songwriters" but we haven't quite found the right space to perform the songs we write. We are stepping out of the circle of "Cover bands" and " Back Ground Musicians" and limiiting our performances to Original Venues only. We can't sing over loud speaking crowds or pour our hearts out on deaf ears with the songs that mean so much to us. We love to perform for appreciative crowds that hear the words that we find so important.  

Currently, we are only booking Florida, Georgia, and Alabama Listening Rooms, Festivals, and House Concerts on the weekends only. We are not planning on touring this year but things may change if we get an offer we cannot refuse. If you think you'd like to host us for a concert, please contact us at booking@dalziel.net or use our contact page. 

Sincerely, Scott and Michelle Dalziel