Scott and Michelle had my attention from the moment they entered the stage. They immediately connected with the audience. They connected their personal stories with each song. With each song we, the audience, could relate to our own memories. They both not only have great voices, they excel in story telling, mixed with humor and sincere compassion, they were masters of their instruments. I truely enjoyed their performance. I would love for them to visit us again.

Well, the best I can say about Scott and Michelle is that they have bumped my most favorite ever Folk Club performer(s) to second place. (the bumpee shall remain nameless) Separately, they are wonderful performers, with the talent to stand alone. Together, they do something special and magic. One of the things, in retrospect, that I enjoyed about their music, is that it didn't all start to sound similar. They were also wonderful with their interaction with the audience. You really felt like you with two friends on the back porch.

"Scott and Michelle were EXCELLENT! We are buying both of their CD's. It's such a pleasure to watch someone with such joy and passion for what they do. Their words were heartfelt. Michelle's range is fantastic. I think they may be our new favorite artists. Please have them back!" -